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54 E. Water Street

Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-2544

Bruce Vaughan, Fire Chief


The Ohio Revised Code requires that the cause of all fires be determined and the collected data be filed with the Ohio Division of State Fire Marshal via the Ohio Fire Incident Reporting System. This data helps to establish trends and find potential defective products so those issues can be resolved and prevent further fires.

All fires in the City of Chillicothe are investigated by our personnel. If the company officer on the scene of a fire feels that he or she is unable to accurately determine the cause of the fire, an investigator from our Investigations Bureau is brought in to conduct Goodwill firean origin and cause investigation. Should the fire be determined to be a criminal act, they will continue with the investigation and file charges where appropriate.

The investigators of the Chillicothe Fire Department are appointed by Ordinance of the City Council, and have police power (including arrest) under the Ohio Revised Code Section 737.27, but only regarding violation of the law as they relate to fire. They also are authorized to issue subpoenas, compel testimony, and place witnesses under oath along with other various powers and authorities.


The fire investigation unit lost its Arson Dog, Winchester to illness in early 2011. Trained by Maine Specialty Canine in Alfred, Maine and certified as an Accelerant Detection Canine Unit and a Police Canine Unit through the Maine State Criminal Justice Academy, Winchester was responsible for evidence recovery in several high profile cases across the state of Ohio during his 11 years "on the job." He was provided through a scholarship from State Farm Insurance where they provide approximately 10 dogs annually for various areas of the US and Canada.

Recognizing these animals as a valuable tool, it is our hope to once again have this resource available at some point in the near future.



 If you have something that might be useful to investigators investigating any fires in Chillicothe or the surrounding community, you can report this information by e-mail by clicking on the above "Arson reward sign". You can also call the fire department at 740-773-2212, and ask to speak to an investigator.

Your identity will be protected where possible.



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